The Catch-up Post

Slipped a bit on posting my workouts here, then went on vacation last week. End result – long time, no posting. I’ll try not to make it a habit.


So, to recap the week before last:

Wednesday, September 2

W/BF% : 218.2 / 19.0

A.) Reverse Lunge – 4 x 10 x 95

B.) Bent-over Row – 4 x 10 x 135

C.) Push Press – 5 x 8 x 95

D.) Barbell Curl – 8 x 85  /  5 x 85  /  2 x 10 x 65  /  7 x 65

E.) Reverse Crunch – 4 x 10

Thursday, September 3

W/ BF% : 217.4 / 21.0

Rest Day

Friday, September 4

W/ BF% : 218.2 / 18.4

A.) Deadlift – 4 x 10 x 225

B.) Decline Dumbbell Press (Neutral Grip) – 9 x 60  /  11 x 60  /  2 x 10 x 60

C.) Pullups (Neutral Grip) – 2 x 8 x BW  /  2 x 4 x BW  /  4 x 4 x BW (Palms away)

D.) Ab Wheel – 4 x 10

So, not a bad finish to the week.  Also managed to get a few long walks with the dog in over the weekend and last week, which was a vacation week for me.  Intended to keep up the diet/exercise, but it didn’t happen.  Didn’t stress about it – if I can get my workouts and nutrition incorporated into normal weeks, I’ll be happy. Not going to get too bent out of shape about vacation weeks (they happen pretty rarely, in any case).

All right, enough catching up.  Starting tomorrow, re-dedication to getting back into shape.  No, really.


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September 1, 2009

W/BF% : 218.0 / 21.0

Woke up and felt pretty awesome this morning, and got to the gym in good time.  I did a quick cardio workout:

    Elliptical – 20 min.

         5 min warm-up / 5 x 1 min hard/2 min easy

In the coming weeks, I’ll look to mix up the cardio (or metabolic systems work, whatever you care to call it) and incorporate lifting heavy stuff, complexes, a few of the more metabolically-targeted Crossfit workouts, and some sprinting.  I think each of those options would be more effective than my workout this morning, but right now the most important thing is establishing consistency.  Given the incipient DOMS I’ve got going on in my legs this evening (gee thanks, front squats), I’d say that easing into a more frequent workout routine is a good idea.

Diet-wise, I did reasonably well today. Ended up going out for lunch with some folks from work today, but mitigated the damage somewhat had a salad with grilled chicken (also had the garlic roll it was paired with (strange, that), which was less virtuous, but hey).  Good-sized protein shake with flaxseed for breakfast, Italian sausages with marinara sauce and summer roasted vegetables for dinner.

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And so it begins…

W/BF% : 218.2 / 20.2

This will be a short post, since I’m fairly tired this evening. At some point in the next few days, I’ll post an overview of my current get-back-in-shape plans, but for tonight I’ll just post my summary for today.

Overall, not a bad start.  I don’t quite have my diet dialed-in, but I expect to get that straightened out over the next few days. I managed to work in 2 liters of water in addition to the usual diet soda, so that’s good.  Took a bottle of fish oil pills and a bottle of multivitamins to work, so I should be able to take both more consistently.  I need to do a bit more research into vitamin D – I’m not sure how much to supplement with, although it sounds like it wouldn’t be a bad idea to do so.

The workout today wasn’t bad – I’m continuing with the Chad Waterbury plan for the Velocity Diet.  It’s been my workout plan for the last few weeks, and I dig it.  I just need to improve my consistency and get my diet dialed-in, and I’ll be in business.

A.) Front Squats – 4 x 5 x 185

B.) Chin-ups – 4 x 5 x BW

C.) Dumbbell Bench Press – 4 x 5 x 75s

D.) Incline Sit-ups – 4 x 15

E.) Plank – 1 x 30s

Ended up working out post-work today, since I was slow getting going this morning. Of course, I was reminded once I got there why I prefer morning workouts – the gym was packed.  Skipped the Crossfit warm up I typically do, as there was no way I would’ve been able to complete it without much aggravation.  To compensate, I added an extra couple warm-up sets to my front squats, which helped a bit.  Still, I felt a bit cold throughout – probably shouldn’t skip it the next time.  Switched over to incline sit-ups/plank instead of the ab wheel since the ab wheels were MIA today. I think I might spend some more time doing planks – I’m pretty weak at them.  I managed 30 seconds, but barely.

Enough rambling – that was today.  All in all, not a bad start.

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The obligatory cat photo

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Hello World

Ah, the obligatory Hello, World post – the essential first post for any brand-new programming blog.

On the other hand, is this a programming blog? I’m a software developer, sure, and I wouldn’t be surprised if programming and development topics make an appearance from time to time. But I’m interested in other things as well, so this blog is likely to turn into an eclectic mix. Supposedly, that’s a "bad" idea – at least if you want to have a popular blog (according to something by somebody I read once – I’m too lazy at the moment to go find it) – a narrow focus is the key to building a following. That’s probably good advice, but since I’m mostly doing this for my own enjoyment, I think it’s advice I’ll ignore for the time being.

It’s possible this blog will acquire more focus as time goes on, but for now, I’ll be happy if I can avoid the three-posts-and-out path of the typical blogger John Scalzi talks about.  In order to help avoid this, I think I’ll see if I can’t get 3 posts added today.  With any luck, even assuming an amazingly short attention span on my part, that will at least ensure I have enough momentum to make it to four posts, thus escaping the masses and proving myself a real blogger. Or something. Stay tuned for a picture of my cat.

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